ATM Servi | The Leader in solutions related to ATM maintenance
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About Us

Established in 1995, we are leaders in the area of effective, focused solutions related to disinfecting, cleaning, aesthetic maintenance, painting, installations, building cubicles and supplying accessories for high volume use equipments.

With three decades in the market we know the value of keeping your equipment in top shape. The golden rule is inspecting often.

The way your equipment looks directly reflects on your brand. We have been partners in the success of countless institutions worldwide by being alert and staying on top of your needs.


Keeping your equipment in top shape is our priority
and our promise.
Cleaning & Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting all external surfaces, surrounds, fascia, function keys, screens, monitor, dispensers, card reader, writing surfaces, signage areas, camera, handles, window, light panels, etc.

Branding Replacement & Installation

Replacement and installation of decals, acrylic, lighting, advertisement, belonging to the torn or damage equipment, (provided by the client

Refurbishing & Painting

Removal of unwanted stains, paint, markers, gum, glue, tape and other adhesives left behind after stickers or signs have been removed and any untouchables produced by daily use or vandalism

Construction & Cubicle Remodeling

Design, make, fix lights, doors, furniture, floors, frieze and paint or simply strengthening equipment and security of cubicle

Elimination of Stains

Paint and repair damages caused by normal wear and tear or vandalism

Expert Consulting & Reports

Periodic tailor reports of basic operations and appearance of your equipment to fit your needs.


  • Your equipment – Protecting our customer’s equipment is one of our key
    concerns. Taking care of your equipment is taking care of your brand.
  • Our Customers – We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and looking out for our customer’s well-being. Our expertise in the industry allows us to build strong relationships with our customers and we work hard to ensure a high quality service and excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Quality Control – We regularly review our methods to ensure they
    meet changing industry standards. We are continually modernizing and
    innovating. Our friendly and professional staff undergo a rigorous security procedure and are trained to the highest standardS
  • Environment, Health and Safety – Our policy is to provide safe and
    healthy working conditions for both our own staff and our customers’ staff. We also ensure that equipment and systems of work are fit for purpose.
  • Your Clients – Through frequent inspections we keep your equipment
    clean and sanitized making elevating your customer experience.


They demonstrate our quality and service


The Leader in solutions related to ATM maintenance,
sanitizing, painting & installations


Get in touch with us

Our Office

USA Headquarters
1180 E Hallandale Beach Blvd., Suite A
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009



Sales: (561) 329-0447

Office: (756) 208-2279